Buyer’s Guide

Prices of Minton Secessionist vary greatly from auction to auction. The most expensive pieces are jardinieres on stands which usually sell in the £1000-£1800 range depending on style, colour and condition.

Equally sought after are the large chargers or wall plaques which very rarely appear at auction and can make up to £3000. More ordinary pieces, especially the standard vases, range from £60 to £300 depending on size and condition. Rarer items such as teapots, coffee pots, candlesticks and small boxes with lids can make more, but only rarely do Minton Secessionist pieces exceed £1000.

Condition is obviously important and restored items will fetch less than perfect pieces although good restoration is acceptable on larger and rarer items. Restoration can be quite easily seen with the naked eye. It is probably true to say that Minton Secessionist prices have not risen much, if at all, over the last 10 years or so. It did appear that around 2005 prices were on the move, but since then some prices have dropped back. Rare pieces such as chargers and spectacular jardinieres on stands continue to surprise, but many ordinary pieces fetch much the same today as 10 -15 years ago. Because of the limited amount of Secessionist avilable and because prices are still affordable, it makes for good and enjoyable collecting.

I will post examples of recent prices paid.

Minton Secessionist Floor Vase Sold at Bonhams 2004 for £777 including commission

Rare Minton Secessionist Charger 15 inches diameter sold for £1100 hammer price at Woolley and Wallis, Salisbury 2010

Minton Secessionist Pansy Vase. Hammer Price £340 Woolley and Wallis 2006

Secessionist Charger in Tudor Rose pattern.Sold at Woolley and Wallis, Salisbury for £740 Hammer Price in 2006

Small vase in blue daisy pattern sold on Ebay for £103 in January 2012

Small Minton Secessionist Vase with square leaf decoration. Sold for £87 on Ebay 2012

Minton Secessionist Vase with restoration to rim. Sold for £136 on Ebay 2012

Minton Secessionist Toilet set including a rare slop bucket sold for £823 at Christies in 2000

A superb Minton Secessionist Planter with a Glasgow Rose pattern sold February 2012 on Ebay for £1041


16 thoughts on “Buyer’s Guide”

  1. Hello!! I need Minton help! First of all, I absolutly love the purple and red pieces posted just above this box, they are beautiful!! But I am looking for help with a different piece….when we purchased our home there were boxes and boxes of items left behind by the family of the woman who had passed away….we stored all of the boxes and now, 2 years later have finally begun to go through them. We came across many antiques, but one is so beautiful I am dying to learn more about it. It is a very large bowl, maybe a basin, it has MINTON pressed into the bottom of the dish, the N is barely there so I am not sure if there was an S at the end of MINTON at one point. The “stamp” on the bottom is a square, divided into 4. (Thats the only way I can think of expalining it). In my research I beleive this means it is dated 1881. But yesterday on a different site they showed that mark being of 1771????….it also has what looks like an O or a U stamped. The design is a cream color base, with reddish brown birds and what looks to be either cherry blossom branches or apple blossom. Everywhere I have searched I cannot find anything with this particular pattern or color. If you could give me any details about this piece I would be so greatful!!! Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Hello Jody, I’m sorry that I have not replied earlier but I have been away for a couple of weeks. Your Minton piece sounds interesting, but is not within the Minton Secessionist period that I specialise in. The Secessionist period ran from about 1895 to 1914, while your piece is obviously much earlier. There are a couple of books you could consult. One is the dictionary of Minton by Paul Atterbury, the other is by Joan Jones and I think is called The Story of Minton. By looking at the illustrations and the marks listed in the book, you will be able to date and identify your piece. Best wishes, The Obsessionist

      • John Cole, Crowborough, UK said:

        Obsessionist: I wonder if you can help me. I have a jarndiniere that has been in the family since 1920 and was I think not new then. Externally it looks exactly like this one:
        but the maker’s mark is quite different. It looks like this:
        with the MIN- and ToNS in dark on a light square, with the whole within a dark circle, and that’s not a mark-style I’ve found anywhere. Very grateful if you can tell me anything. Thanks in advance.

  2. Gerald Wadsworth said:

    I have a Minton No. 5, single handled pitcher with the Glasgow Rose pattern, painted by John Wadsworth, Paté sur Paté technique; is 12.5″ high, pale blue/aqua to pale green background, dark green slip outlines, light ochre/green glaze of the rose, with pale yellow centers. I think this may have been part of a toilet set – with a large bowl for washing. Not certain.

    Any help on dates – there doesn’t appear to be a date cypher on the base – would be most appreciated. Any idea on value, also would be welcome. I bought it about 18 years ago for $500 US.

    • Heello Gerald, I’m sorry not to have replied sooner, but I have been abroad for a couple of weeks. I could identify and maybe value your piece better if you could email me a couple of images. There certainly was a range of toilet sets produced by Minton in the Secessionist range and the Glasgow Rose pattern was one of the patterns often used for the sets. Best wishes The Obsessionist

  3. Pat stedman said:

    Hi, I have recently acquired a rather large pot, that I believe to be a jardiniere, less the column. It appears to be similar in pattern to the vase that you have on the buyers guide, having fetched £777 at bonhams, with the green hues and blue stylised flowers. It also has the rarer, square mintons ltd stamp to the base. Please let me have an email address for you, so that I can send you some images.

  4. D G Clark said:

    Hello: Thank you for your very informative site. I am seeking information regarding a piece I bought at auction many years ago – it is stamped Secessionist Minton Ltd. on one side of the base and has the numbers 2732 imprinted on the other side of the base. There is also a circle with some sort of dash in it followed by the number 5 imprinted on the base. It is approximately 9″ tall and 12″ wide and, based on what I can see on-line, I believe it is a jardiniere without the base. Unlike many of the examples I have seen on your site and elsewhere on the Internet, the background of this piece is yellow with the design mostly in pinks and mauves, accented with green. I have not been able to find any detail on a piece of this type and am hoping for some assistance assigning a value. I have taken some photos which I am happy to send, if that would be of help. Appreciate any information available. Thank you.

  5. Brian Cripps said:

    I have a very old minton cup and saucer with leaf design saucer and bulbous cup hand painted would you no anything about it.

  6. Steve W. Silvers said:

    I enjoy your blog, thank you. My hope is that I might find the Minton Secessionist Floor Vase Sold at Bonhams 2004 (the green one you have pictured). But I have no idea where to look. I appreciate any and all ideas or direction. Thanks from Colorado.

  7. Hi! We’ve just been given the opportunity to purchase a blue and purple vase with slip decorated white flowers similar to the Bonhams lot sold for £777. The date stamp is confirmed as 1912 with the “Minton” stamp. Condition is described as good with no chips cracks or repairs, just a few minor glaze scratches at the base. Would you be able to advise on the rarity of this colour and what you would regard as a fair price. Also wanted to say “great site!”. Thanks for your help.

  8. davidtulk2014 said:

    Dear Obsessionist, After many years as online dealers in Minton Secessionist ware, we have recently started showing at the Antiques for Everyone fair, so meeting people in person for the first time. I would very much like your opinion on a theory I have with regard to the printed number sequence, especially as your blogs seem to indicate your are in possession of several Secessionist Ware catalogues. With best wishes, David Tulk. Best contact method might be by email to

  9. Karen McCulloch said:

    I have been going through my mother’s belongings and found a Minton vase. It is brownish with blue roses, I want to know if it’s worth keeping? I can send photos to anyone who may be interested in giving me a value or purchasing my mother’s vase.

  10. Joan Wills said:

    I have a Minton pedestal with bowl (lilac and blue shades) inherited some years ago. Would it be called a jardinière? Just wondering if it is worth very much, The bowl has a slight crack in it.

  11. Hello, How can I reach you regarding an interview for a noted US collectibles publication?

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