This striking Minton Secessionist vase was probably the first piece designed by Leon Solon (1872-1957) after he joined Mintons in 1895 and probably dates to 1898-1900. It is a typically Art Nouveau design and the peacock was a motif often used by Symbolist painters and Art Nouveau designers. A good example of the use of a peacock in Art Nouveau design is the book ‘L’Animal dans la Decoration’ by Eugene Grasset and M.Verneuil which appeared in 1897. Grasset was teaching in Paris in the 1890’s and Solon might well have come across his work. There are numerous other examples of the peacock as being used as a motif in pottery, textles, jewellery and painting at this time.

The vase has moulded decoration combined with transfer printing, but there is no slip decoration. The coloured glazes were added last and allowed to run to give the impression of a hand made object. The vase is marked with the Minton globe stamp because it was made before a specific Secessionist mark was designed. It also bears the shape number E3186

Minton Scessionist Peacock vase designed by Leon Solon c1898-1900

L'Animal dans la Decoration by Grasset and Verneuil 1897