Minton used a series of ciphers for dates and the following cover the Secessionist period although many pieces do not carry date marks.

There are a number of different marks used specifically for Secessionist pieces. Some of the earlier pieces used the raised Minton mark combined with a Secessionist printed mark.

Other early pieces have a special Secessionist transfer stamp in an art nouveau style which was later discontinued in favour of a simpler Secessionist stamp.

The most common stamp is the curvilinear Minton Ltd pattern with or without Secessionist written underneath.

Some of the very first pieces of Secessionist, such as Solon’s original Peacock Vase, pre-date any Secessionist stamp and simply carry the Minton marks used for other ranges:

Other marks which appear are the Shape Numbers, Pattern Numbers, date marks and sometimes coloured marks which almost certainly refer to a particular decorator and the colour way used. On some pieces there are no marks at all.