Very often the pattern numbers on the base of Minton Secessionist items have no logic – for example pattern No 1 is used indiscriminately often for unusual designs. However some pattern numbers can be ascribed to certain designs, and Pattern No 46 is consistently used for what I call the ‘square leaf’ design. I believe this design originated with Archibald Knox’s designs for Liberty metalwork as it is a shape suited to metal production. The Secessionist designers – maybe Solon himself – used it extensively on two popular shapes – the small vases shape number 3543 and  another smaller vase which I illustrate. Both vases were produced in a number of different colour ways and both were good sellers.

The marks illustrated show the pattern number 46, the shape number 3548 and an 8 in a circle denoting 1908. Most Secessionist shape numbers are in the 3000 range, but many pieces are borrowed from other standard Minton ranges and do not have a Secessionist shape number.

Minton Secessionist Vase Pattern No 46 in green and yellow

Minton Secessionist Vase Pattern No 46 Shape 3543 in red and green

Minton Scessionist Vase with pattern No 46 design

Archibald Knox Tudric box with 'square leaf' pattern

Secessionist Marks showing pattern number, shape number and date for 1908